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Each year, young ladies from all over the Monterey Peninsula proudly represent our Italian heritage as candidates for the Festa Italia Fishermen's Festival Queen. In August, The Coronation Ball Committee hosts a dinner dance celebration where a Queen is chosen in honor of the Festival. The Queen and her Court are young ladies of Italian descent, many of whom are daughters, granddaughters and descendants of local fishermen. In addition to the Queen's Court, younger girls also participate in the Coronation ceremony as Princesses and Junior Princesses. Contestants are selected for their dedication to perpetuating Italian culture, commitment to education and passion for community service. The winner will receive $1,000 in scholarship money. The Queen is chosen from a pool of contestants and will serve for one full year. The Queen's Court attends all Festa functions to help promote the events. They also are a symbol of grace and elegance atop a featured float in the Parade each year.

This year's Coronation Ball will be held on Saturday, August 26th at the Monterey Marriott (CLICK HERE for more information on this year's Coronation Ball). Tickets are $85.00 per person.

2015 Queen, Alexandra Davi

2015 Festa Italia Monterey Queen - Alexandra Davi

My name is Alexandra Joelle Davi. I am the daughter of Frank and Joelle Davi, and I have one older sister Daniella, who was the 2013 Festa Italia Queen. I was born and raised in Monterey and have lived here all my life. I’m currently a junior and honor student at Monterey High School (MHS). I love playing softball for MHS and am excited about playing again in the spring.

I would like to thank Festa Italia for the privilege of serving as the 2015-2016 Queen. It has been an honor to serve and represent the Festa and our Sicilian Italian culture. I am proud to be part of this special event, and I hope to always make the Italian community proud of the younger generations to continue our culture and traditions.

My paternal grandparents are Antonio and Sandi (DaVigo) Davi and my great grandparents are the late Francesco and (Gina Cardinale) and Giovanna Davi; and Santo DaVigo and Katherine (Nuna Ruccello) DaVigo Bruno. My maternal grandparents are Kathleen (Mineo) Cardinalli and Andrew (Karen) Cardinalli, and my great grandparents are the late Giovanni and Marian (DiMaggio) Mineo; and Steve and Josephine (Russo) Cardinalli. My Italian heritage originated on the island of Sicily, in the towns of Isola delle Femmine and Marettimo. One day, I would love to visit Sicily to see where my heritage began and to meet my extended family.

In the future, I plan on attending California State University Monterey Bay and staying in the Monterey area where I love spending time with my family, cousins and close friends.

I have participated in the Santa Rosalia Festa Italia since I was four years old. I can remember being a little princess and always wondering what it would be like to become Queen. I’m honored to be this year’s Festa Italia Queen, and proud to represent the Italian community and all the past and present fishermen, especially since my grandfather and great grandfathers were commercial fishermen. Being Santa Rosalia Queen has been a great experience for me. Thank you Festa Italia!

2014 Queen

Francesca Speciale


2013 Queen

Gina Pennisi


2012 Queen

Daniella Davi


2011 Queen

Angela Bomarito


2010 Queen

Jaclyn Aiello


2009 Queen

Maria Kathleen


For more information on becoming a representative on the Queen's Court or a Coronation Ball committee member, send request to: queenscourt@festaitaliamonterey.org