Bocce Tournament

One of the biggest draws to the Fishermans’ Festival is the Bocce Tournament. Each year teams travel from far away to compete for cash prizes and bragging rights.

There is an entrance fee per team, which includes breakfast and lunch. There is a 32 team maximum and teams are accepted on a first come first serve basis. Teams will be matched at random.

Your team must be able to play any time on Saturday and Sunday. Once your team is confirmed, you will be sent tournament rules. We encourage all Bocce enthusiasts young and old to participate. Have fun cheering on your favorite team, or learning rules and strategies at this exciting event.


2018 Bocce Tournament 1st Place Winners:
Old Fisherman's Grotto

Rick Dyne, Dave Canclini, Carlo Pappalardo, John Dyne



2018 Bocce Tournament 2nd Place Winners:
Bi Rite Market

Rick Wagstaff, Will Kessler, John La Sala (Bi Rite Market), Scott Hickman, John Lopez



2018 Bocce Tournament 3rd Place Winners:
E Waste Direct

Don Brocca, Ginney Nelson, Mark Baeta, Kathy Brocca


2018 Bocce Tournament 4th Place Winners:
Bail NYC

Jeramy Ward, Martha Crozley, Lydia Romo, Willy Lopez


2018 Bocce Tournament 5th Place Winners:
The Dante Club of Fresno

Pat Marcheses, Jr., Anthony Astone, Steve Pelligrini, Anthony Donato


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Past Winners

2017 – Palermo Bakery
Gaspare Aliotti, Ben Campbell, Giovanni Napoli, Paolo Pro and Diane Kelly

2016 – Old Fisherman’s Grotto
Rick Dine, Capo Carlo Pappalardo, Steve Castellano, John Dine

2015 – Cibo Restorante
Albert Leonardi, Bob Kennedy, Norm Freschet, Tony Randazzo

2014 – Cibo Restorante
Tracy Binetti, Anthony Favalora, Joe Malfitano, Al Peranio

2013 – Hahn Winery
Ginny Nelson, Marl Baeta, Kathy Brocca, Don Brocca

2012 – Colton Inn
Denny Kinsel, Manny Romo, Mike Rodriguez, Joe Romanm, Lou Grillo

2011 – Dr. Anthony Shaheen
Ron Jacobs, Alberico Leonardi, Tony Randazzo, Norm Frechet

2010 – Campo di Bocce, Los Gatos
Ben Musolf, Rick Taormina, Paolo Pao, Rolando Negrin

2009 – Palermo Bakery
John Napoli, Tony Randazzo, Ben Nicosia, David Canclini

2008 – Garden Health & Fitness
Toni Nicholas, Don Nicholas, Toni Sino, Ed Nicholas, Bev Wright

2007 – Colton Inn
Jim Collins, Anthony Campo, Alfredo Herrera, Rosolino Ravanzini

2006 – Ansberry Corporation
Carlo Pappalardo, Gloria Taylor, Alfredo Herrera, John Dine, Giovanni Napoli

2005 – Rabbobank
Gene Buerer, Ben Musolf, Rick Taormina, Paolo Pro

2004 – Gianni’s Pizza
Carlo Pappalardo, Gloria Taylor, Anthony Campo, John Dine, Giovanni Napoli

2003 – Margie’s Diner
Gianfranco Pedrini, Dave Canclini, Albert Leonardi, Luca Fontana

2002 – Victory Toyota
Gianfranco Pedrini, Dave Canclini, Albert Leonardi, Luca Fontana

2001 – Monterey Bay Urgent Care
Toni Nicholas, Tony Costanza, Toni Sino, Bev Wright

2000 – Rancho Canada
Denny Kinsel, Joe Roman, Manny Romo, Mike Rodrigues